August 13, 2016

I am the stamp

I left the land of clogs 
Flying low over reclaimed land 
Tulip carpet stretched to horizon
My message written by steady hand.
I flew over vineyard and mountain 
Across idyllic islands 
Over the turbulent waters 
On to the Middle East.
I flew across vast desserts
More seas than fish counted 
Continents and borders were nothing 
To the power of this stamp.
Gunshots rang in the streets below 
As I flew ~ untouched by fog and humidity 
I traveled on ~ scarcely marked
By that messy humanity.
I flew over volcanos and land faults 
Touching the edge of the Ring of Fire
 Mesmerised by ocean currents 
Deep sea trenches I admired.
I flew to Southern climes 
Language and skin of many colours
The smells were getting stranger 
As we bumped across cirrostratus. 
I landed on New Holland
Smack bang in the middle 
Deserts surrounding occasional oasis 
Red, brown and green a patchwork riddle.
The weather was impossibly hot 
It nearly caused me to come unstuck 
Placed gently in the letterbox 
I waited for hands to pluck. 
I am the stamp.
Reflections on the Connected Learning MOOC (#CLMOOC) postcards project
To preserve privacy we turn our postcards (see Karen Fasimpaur post) to their face. What has really captured my attention is the stamps and post office markings. The postcards have bought a sense of 'place' much closer. While we talk about weather and timezone differences during Hangouts and Twitter chats, it is the stamps that have imprinted the distances for me.
It was not until I received Ron L's postcard that I felt the distance between here and there. I created this piece to become the stamp as I travelled between Australia and The Netherlands. Often we operate in a 'flat' world on the internet and this has its benefits. We can escape the hierarchy we might find binds us in the organisation we work in. When I see these stamps I read them, trying to decipher the date and time and place. My own memories of travels to those places kick in. This tactile movement allows me to feel the space, the distance, the culture of another place.

POSTSCRIPT: Kevin created a song from this poem. You can read his two posts about that here and here. Or you can listen to the song on Soundcloud. Across the waves, we create. Thanks Ron and Kevin.

August 3, 2016

Make it how you want it --- Make With Me Hangout

Here is a collage of the 'makes' that happened during this conversation. I think it would be great if we were encouraged to 'make' during meetings at work. I have a lot of online meetings and while I'm mostly ignored (on screen), I think it is perceived that I'm listening when I'm sitting still and staring at a webcam (wrong!). Colouring-in is a favorite that I can sneak under the camera radar!

The hands, they are so important in the making for this Hangout. I feel the emodiment of including more than just our 'talking heads' for these pictures.

Below is a "Vibby" version with the highlights I saw in the Make With Me Hangout #3 (6 mins).



July 29, 2016

Filling in the spaces (with colour)

Using SnagIt (See a TechSmith review here) I used the Fill In tool for an online colour-in exercise. Image from the British Library and the idea from Terry Elliots post.

Perhaps not as satisfying as holding the pencil
But more possibilities open to me
Different options provided by digital tools
It's not the 'next best thing' it is

(PS the limitation of the Font list in Blogger is really getting to me!)

July 26, 2016

Messing with the Message and Feeding Forward

Using Visual Poetry tool to mess with the message

From Terry's post, he threw out an invitation to mess with his message. I created an eMess above. I made my coffee brew, sat down and contemplated this invitation. Why would I bother? What's in it for me? What could I learn?

Then from my Twitter feed I saw a link to Stephen Downes recent presentation on Connectivism, MOOCs and Innovation. His keynote presentation was embedded and I started to flip through. Slide 13 caught my eye (not just the cat!).
Stephen Downes (2016)

In the Connected Learning MOOC (#CLMOOC) I have been doing a fair bit of aggregation and a bit of remix. The next step as suggested above, is re-purposing. Terry mentioned "moving away from the tool" and I see that as the next step after 'playing'. Faced with the Visual Poetry tool is one thing but what I would like to do is use this to re-purpose Terry's message.

This tool could be used for Language and Literacy purposes. Keeping people engaged as they struggle with a new language through play. It could also be used for children. From simple vocabulary there could be very interesting drawings created. For myself I like that fact of being able to put words into a different angle, pattern and colour. It helps the brain to think around the corners of the very familiar word structures.

To answer my own questions: I bothered! It's not all about me, maybe someone else might benefit from my own learning. I really like the learning process as described by Downes (2016) and want to see how this can play out in the future.

My next challenge is how to feed this forward. This process of blogging is the best way I know how (for now) as it can reach into vast corners of the interconnected web that we may never reach into with our bare head or hands.

July 20, 2016

Dipping, Swimming and Diving into CLMOOC 2016

I'm MOOCing again for Connected Learning. There has been a lot happening over the last week and a half. Some of which I can capture in this post.

I started off with an Introduction called "I Hardly Know". I've been dipping in to some of the #DailyConnects with this star inspired poem The Milky Way and planting in the Answer Garden on the term "connecting". I swam with others with Dive Remix of a remix. Even had a aha-moment captured here. I contributed to the journey of a poem to a song which Kevin has documented.

While I watched the Make with Me from Week 2, I made me a 'flying thing'.

From over in Twitter I was inspired by +Deanna Mascle (things that fly), #SNA by+Sarah Honeychurch who posted TAGS Explorer image and +Raymond Maxwell who reached out to people from that. Also to +Kevin Hodgson for his comic that asked if we could "break the MOOC" [ball] and the confirmation from+TERRY ELLIOTT that we totally should!!

I'm capturing my favourites for the week for #F5F via Google Collections. For each fave I've used three words or phrases to describe the highlight for me.